Town Hall for Our Lives

Hundreds of thousands of us marched across the country on March 24. But that’s only the beginning. To take this message directly to lawmakers, we need them to hear us directly–and soon. Every single member of Congress is back in their district on District Work Period–better known as “recess”–between March 23 and April 9. So […]


Community Engagement Conversation #3

Hosted by The Solution is Us – Location TBD Gun violence is an issue that affects us all and everyone has a role to play: Parents. Teachers. Elected officials. Concerned citizens. Law enforcement. Mental health professionals. Pro-Second Amendment. Anti-Second Amendment. Left. Right. Rich. Poor. Cities. Suburbs. All races. All faiths. We believe that by framing […]


Art of Activism

Students and parents have asked for workshops to prepare for the March 14#Enough school walkout and the March 24 #MarchForOurLives. We are partnering with Oakwood Arts to host letter writing, open discussions, photo booth, and art activities for kiddos! S23 To-Go, Studio Two Three’s mobile print truck will be parked out front for sign making and t-shirt […]