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April 20th, 2018

National School Walkout Day

At 10:00am on Friday, April 20th, the 19th anniversary of Columbine, students around The City of Richmond, Virginia, and the country will be walking out of school in protest of the government’s inaction and inability to address school shootings.

In Virginia, students will be protesting out front of their respective schools at the beginning of the day. Then at 1:00pm, students and citizens from across the state will convene in central Richmond to protest and fight for action together at the state capitol (Specific details will be released in the coming weeks).

It’s time for change. It’s time for action. Let’s fix this in Richmond, Virginia, and our country.

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Meet with Your Officials

Millions of people around the world marched to make their voices heard on March 24th. But that’s only part of the job. In order to create effective change, it’s important that everyday citizens – you, us, students, parents – get in front of their lawmakers and other stakeholders. Those are the people who have the […]


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